Cengiz Coskun

Cengiz Coskun

Actor, Model

Cengiz Coskun , (b. April 29, 1982, Istanbul ), originally from Bulgaria with immigrant Turkish model and actress. [one]

The graduate of the Sports Academy is also a professional basketball player . In 2002, Best Model selectively acting and modeling started his career Cengiz Coskun television world in 2005 Windy Garden stepped through the sequence. The largest project in his career in 2012, the conquest was 1453 ‘. Then Mountains players who played in the movie from 2013 Celebrity Survivor-Volunteers began to struggle in the third season of the competition but was screened in the competition’s 94 days. Currently in IstanbulHe lives in.

Cengiz Coskun, finally in 2014 in TRT 1 began to be published in the Resurrection: Ertugrul career has increased the number of fans with the best project was signed by Turgut Alp characters to life.

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