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Haider’s looks and his acts will make every girl go crazy for him, while Meera is simple, smart and a beautiful girl, who can’t be ignored! Meera & Haider Get Attracted Towards Each Other Although, Meera tries to stop herself from getting attracted toward Haider, she won’t be able to and both land up in each others’ arms! Advertise With India’s Largest Regional Native Ad Platform. Advertise With India’s Largest Regional Native Ad Platform. Stylish Collection. Free Shipping & Returns.
Namik Paul, and Lisa Haydon’s web-series The Trip has already gained popularity among the audiences, and now, the most awaited web-series is out. Tanhaiyan, which stars Surbhi Jyoti and Barun Sobti, had kept the audiences waiting.

The web series is produced by Gul Khan (4 Lions Films) and directed by Gorky M. Barun plays the role of Haider, while Surbhi is seen as Meera Kapoor. Mohit Abrol is seen as Barun’s friend, who is getting married. We just watched the first two episodes and we must say it will make you want more. Read on to know what the show is all about… Bikini Diaries: Bruna Abdullah Ups The Ante In Her Latest Beach Pictures! View Them Here! Minissha Lamba Makes Her TV Debut With Internet Wala Love, Doesn’t Care About People’s Opinion! Mammootty’s Classic Malayalam Movie To Get A Sequel? The Director Responds! Featured Posts Meet Haider & Meera Haider and Meera are two opposite characters but one common thing is that they are struggling in their lives. Both of them have had a major setback in their lives, as they would have lost their loved ones.

Haider Haider would have lost someone very close to him. The person would have (probably) committed suicide and Haider has an internal struggle as hecouldn’t save him. Meera Meera would have distanced from her parents from the past two years. It is yet to be known what happened to her parents. Meera & Haider Pretend To Be Cool! Both Haider and Meera struggle inside, while they pretend to be fine to the outer world. Their friends try to console them, but in vain. Meera tries to ignore the topic, while Haider becomes a Casanova! Haider & Meera Meet Each Other At Their Friends’ Marriage They meet each other at their friends’ marriage. Haider and Meera get attracted to each other.

Haider’s looks and his acts will make every girl go crazy for him, while Meera is simple, smart and a beautiful girl, who can’t be ignored! Meera & Haider Get Attracted Towards Each Other Although, Meera tries to stop herself from getting attracted toward Haider, she won’t be able to and both land up in each others’ arms! Advertise With India’s Largest Regional Native Ad Platform. Advertise With India’s Largest Regional Native Ad Platform. Stylish Collection. Free Shipping & Returns.

Premium Brands on Flipkart Haider Flirts With Meera! Haider flirts with Meera, while the latter (although attracted towards him) tries to ignore him. Apart from the marriage fun, Haider’s and Meera’s conversation, especially the double entrade talks is a must watch! The bride and the groom’s story is also a highlight in the show. Mohit (Sid) – the groom, wants his to-be wife Avantika to be perfect in every way – be it make-up or looks! The groom’s mother keeps calling Avantika and reminds her to follow the rituals.

This annoys Avantika while her friends including Haider, try to console her! Since it is a wedding backdrop, the sets of the show are bright and grand. The costume is superb and the location is rich! The actors and the producer of the web-series have been sharing the on the sets pictures, which made the fans to eagerly wait for the show. As a Valentine’s Day treat, the makers of the web-series have premiered all the episodes today (February 14), which is available on Hotstar. Stay locked to this space, we will be back with the review of other episodes of the websites.

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    the timber grown today odd name, Forskolin is not the things they remove from the baby during ritual circumcision. In china, professionals of traditional Ayurvedic medicine have long used the herb Coleus forskohlii to treat asthma, cardiovascular, And an array of other ailments. in to 1970s, Researchers isolated a chemically active ingredient in the herb and called it forskolin. now available in supplement form, This extract is commonly recommended for treating hypothyroidism, A condition in which the thyroid gland produces too little thyroid hormone. Forskolin is believed to stimulate the release of thyroid hormone, Thus reducing symptoms as fatigue, your misery, excess weight, in addition to the. dry skin.

    Thanks to Kyle Daly for meaning this molecule.

    the eu Bioinformatics Institute houses the Macromolecular Structural Database, And for many years the most downloaded structure from that site was PDB code 2SEM: It found a protein called “Sex muscle exceptional protein 5, normally, yahoo and google had indexed all the PDB files, And you can guess what sort of searches had returned this structure! The protein arises from Caenorhabditis Elegans, the industry tiny worm (nearly 1 mm long) the first true animal to have its genome completely sequenced. The people who reported this protein were investigating its crucial role in the introduction of the worm’s vulva (Clark et ‘s, the harmony of nature, 1992 marly 26, 356(6367):285 6). As the amount of dubious material available on the net has grown, use of this protein from persons ‘outside the scientific community’ has declined. On identical theme, There’s another molecule called SexA I, Which is a ban enzyme from Streptomyces exfoliatus that cleaves the DNA

    Thanks to Peter Keller of the Macromolecular architectural Database, European Bioinformatics commence, And Lily Zhou from the school of Michigan, For advising these molecules and telling me their details.

    This molecule obviously brings home the bacon. It has a similar design to diamorphine (narcotics) But has only one acetyl group as two, And the other group is substituted for a CH3O group. reportedly, Thebacon hydrochloride is a centrally acting cough depressent sometimes used to treat coughs. This molecule isn’t to be mistaken with BaCoN (Barium cobalt nitride), this is a black crystalline solid with a layered structure (strip of BaCoN?)

    Thanks to Matt Wright from as well as college Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust and Aston school, And Bastiaan Vos for indicating these molecules. facts in BaCoN from: an actual. Tennstedt additionally R. Kniep, Z. anorg. allg. Chem. 620 (1994) 1781.

    Cryogenine a major (sometimes called Vertine) Is the active constituent of Sinicuichi plant. the other one, Cryogenine n, is certainly called phenylsemicarbazide, And has been found to be carcinogenic in mice.

    because Michael F Aldersley from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, big apple, For implying that this molecule, And to Fox for info on Cryogenine B.

    I wonder if lagerine is sold by the pint? it genuinely has nothing to do with beer, It gets its name from being a ingredient of the crape myrtle (tagerstroemia indica l.) maintain. Bebeerine since, has nothing to do with beer. It’s an alkaloid molecule derived from the caribbean bebeeru tree, And helps to protect it from beetles.

    using Michael F Aldersley from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, nyc, For implying that this molecule. Ref: i. Spath, p oker. Kuffner, Ber. Deutch Chem. Gess. Jawsamycin was exposed in 1989 by Fujisawa, A western pharaceutical company, It has only ended up synthesised. The metabalite consists of a chain of five carbon triangles (Cyclopropyls), Giving it its name as a result resemblance to shark’s teeth. The compound substance, suffice to say, Has 10 chiral colleges, Points about which mirror images of the molecule can form for a total of 1024 capable isomers, Only one ofthese is jawsamycin.

    Histrionicotoxin is a poison found on the skin of a certain tree frog in south usa (Dendrobates histrionicus), And is used by the native indians on blow pipe darts.

    Yessotoxin was first isolated from the digestive organs from scallops (Patinopecten yessoensis) In Japan and is believed to be produced by microalgae.

    Thanks to James Waterman from Nottingham collage for suggesting these molecules.

    that’s one for all our French readers. Nicolas Sarkozy (adequate) Is the former President of France, and as well as, therefore, It’s required that he has a molecule with a similar name. Sarcosine is a sweetish crystalline amino acid found in muscles and other tissues, and it is called N methylglycine. A functionalised adaptation of this, and laurylsarcoside, is recognized as ‘sarkosyl detergent’, Which is an anionic surfactant perhaps reflecting the detergent effect of the french ex president.

    Another molecule which sounds odd in French (But not in british) will pyralene, Which has been used in the past as an insulating oil in electric transformers. In French it is evident “Pire haleine, signifies “Worst air, truly ironic, Since use of pyralene was stopped using after transformer fires were giving off toxic fumes.

    Thanks to Thomas Jeanmaire for meaning that sarcosine, Christophe Brun for information on sarkosyl detergent, And Marc Schaefer for the translation of pyralene.

    a second one for the French speakers. Enflure in french means a twit, A clog, and even a jerk, Or can also mean a bloating or inflamation. Enflurane is an outdated halogenated ether that was common for inhalation anesthesia during the 1970’s and 1980’s. A inquiring (But appear to true) Story about enflurane pertains to its pre human work. Enflurane [url=]chinese women[/url] and Isoflurane are generally isomers, And they were being investigated for their safety and efficacy as anaesthetics. Isoflurane is by far the more of the two, But was held back from clinical use because test experiments showed it gave cancer to rats. apparently, the rats that were given enflurane were given different food to the ones using isofluran, And those exposed to isoflurane were being fed pellets which had become polluted with a known carcinogen. By the time the toxicity experiments were repeated (And isoflurane found to be innocent normally made available), poor people relation, Enflurane (Which had passed all the last tests with flying colours), Had already been on the market for a few years. Had the contaminants not occurred, It is doubtful that enflurane would ever have made it on to the current market at all. Enflurane was never popular, And its manufacture has ceased because the makers could not sell enough to make its production economical. Isoflurane, endure, Led the way as the mainstay of inhalational anaesthesia under western culture for several decades.

    Thanks to Thomas Jeanmaire for implying this molecule, And to Ken Ruiz to the isoflurane story. It’s also used as an antiseptic ingredient certainly against urinary tract infections. a worthwhile related anecdote is that a chemist called Leon Mandel from Emory University in the US, Gave a talk at Princeton in the mid 60s on the sum synthesis of leontine, a alkaloid. He said his final step was to be the response of leontine with mandelic acid (yielding, for sure, leon(tine) Mandel(ingested)).

    Mandelates do normally exist, As in the title of this paper from the university or college of Cape Town (effortlessly): “Quininium mandelates a systematic study of chiral discrimination in crystals of diastereomeric salts, is, actually, The first association between Mandela and discrimination?

    Thanks to Antony Bigot for implying this molecule, To Bob Buntrock for the leontine mandelate anecdote, And to Simon Cotton for you to the paper on mandelates.

    conspicuous ‘Music acid’, This is quite dissimilar to Acid Music. This chemical is gathered by the nitric acid oxidation of milk sugar (Lactose), Dulcite, Galactose, Quercite and most sorts of gum. It is otherwise known as Galactaric Acid. each of our “Mucic p test” In basic [url=]chinese dating sites[/url] chemistry lab is a well known test for D or L galactose. The test is carried out by oxidising the sample with concentrated nitric acid; Mucic acid crystals will form after leaving for almost any

    during sleep. Isn’t the field of biology great? Just atart exercising,start being active,then add activity acid, And you get some music.

    Thanks to Warut Roonguthai for indicating this molecule.

    This is a new development in which strands of various lengths of DNA can be ‘stitched’ together to make nanoshapes. the picture (on hand) Shows AFM images of just many of these shapes (Scalebar = 100 nm), not to mention nanostars, so nanosmileys, But you write nanomessages using nanoletters and draw nanomaps of the world (See further down).

    One obvious applying of patterned DNA origami would be the creation of a anobreadboard? To which diverse gear could be added. The connection of proteins, as an example, Might allow novel biological experiments aimed at modelling complex protein assemblies and examining the effects of spatial being organized, Whereas molecular e- or plasmonic circuits might be created by attaching nanowires, Carbon nanotubes or old watches nanoparticles.


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