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Niyad Jab 1

In this video

The Episode starts with a scene in Mumbai, where Avni is seen sitting on a roadside bench. Rain starts and Avni does not move. Asha comes there looking for her and asks did she get into a fight, how did she get hurt, who did this. Avni says you did, who am I….. She runs from there and goes home. Asha follows her. Avni goes to her room and throws the shoes angrily. She throws all the clothes of the cupboard and gets inside. She sees her parents pic between moon and stars. Asha comes there and asks her did you get into cupboard again, open the door, whats this madness. She gets keys and opens cupboard. She asks her to say. Avni says I will tell Papa, not you.

Avni’s dad Ashish is shown. He is a film director and asks the manager to get his locations, we have to leave for Kashmir shoot tomorrow.

His friend asks him to come, do you want a drink. Ashish says I will not drink, even then you will ask. His producer friend Malhotra asks him to have a drink, as he finished Mumbai shoot before time. Ashish asks Malhotra to go home. A girl Divya comes and greets Ashish. She tells about her auditions for second lead. Ashish asks her to have a seat. Malhotra asks Ashish to do his imp work and leaves.

Ashish tells Divya about the script, read lines and prepare, my assistant Aziz will take your audition. She tries to woo him. He asks whats this. She says audition, I want this role and I m ready to do anything. He asks who taught you to give such audition. She says I know to please director, Nilesh told me. He moves her away, and shouts to call Nilesh. He asks Nilesh what did you tell her and slaps Nilesh. Divya cries.

Ashish fires Nilesh from work. Nilesh says sorry. Ashish asks him to get out. He asks Divya was she falling so low, this can give you acting chance, not success, you need talent, I slapped Nilesh, if anyone tries to fool you, then slap them with your talent, prepare well and give audition. She thanks him and touches his feet. He says don’t do this, go. She leaves.

Avni says I have to talk to Papa. Asha says he is busy, what shall he do, would he leave all work. Avni shouts I will just say to dad. Asha says lower your tone, what happened to you today, fine don’t tell me. Ashish calls home and asks why did you call. Asha says everything is fine. Avni shouts nothing is fine, I called you, I need to talk imp thing. He asks what happened to Avni, give phone to her. Avni asks Ashish do you love me, yes or no. Ashish says no, Papa does not love you, Papa loves you a lot. Avni asks him to come home in 5mins. Asha asks her not to trouble Papa. Avni goes. Asha asks him to do his work. He says I miss to see you, I will come, did you say something. She says no, I heard it. He says I will come and ends call.

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